Earn special awards to display on your Clout.cx profile! Check out a list of awards below and learn how you can get some for yourself.

These awards are granted at the sole discretion of the Clout Staff Team. However, if you believe you're eligible for an award listed below but haven't received it, please open a support ticket or DM @clout and we'll look into it for you, typically within 48 hours.

Award Icon Award Name Description
Popular  Earned by being an extremely popular and active user on Clout.
hoot Exclusive award given by @helios.
Wes Award Exclusive staff award given by @wes.
Group Owner Awarded to all owners of an Official Group.
Member of the Week Awarded to all users who are selected as a Clout Member of the Week.
Innovator Earned by suggesting new site features or improvements that end up getting implemented.
Bug Catcher Award Awarded to users who regularly spot and report website/app bugs to the Clout Staff team.
Casper Participated in the Halloween 2022 event.
Jack Participated in the Halloween 2022 event.
Devious Devious
Alien Out of this world
100 100
Professional Given to especially business-minded users.
Stoner Puff puff pass
Clout Staff Given only to Clout.cx staff members. This award is not obtainable.


Awards marked with a * include a profile badge icon next to username